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The Investment Center Review 2021 – What makes this broker a good choice for beginners? (www.investmentcenter.com)

by John Dillans

The 20thcentury saw the development and implementation of the primary trading system that had been set in place for decades and expanded it on a global scale. Trade is one of the oldest professions in the world and while the trading system had undergone multiple system overhauls in its history, the basic principle of trading remained consistent throughout.

Come the early 2000s, the world was experimenting with a new invention known as the internet. This new system was a global network that was still undergoing development and its basic infrastructure had yet to be set in place. This new global network paved the way for new opportunities including the evolution of the next generation of trading platforms. In the past trade was conducted primarily via trading and brokerage firms that charged a hefty commission in exchange for their services.

I started my trading business in the early 2000s. Back then the online trading system had just launched and it had terrible reviews. Alas, I decided to give it a try and I got exactly what I expected. The system was in its infancy and was barely able to run effectively. It had minimum industry support and only a handful of traders actually signed on and stayed there. As for me, I left as soon as I realized that I was losing money as opposed to making it.

It was obvious that the online infrastructure had yet to be established and as a new trader, I knew that I would not survive in such an environment. Fast forward almost a decade and a friend of mine recommended that I give online trading another shot. I was hesitant at first since I really hadn’t focused on it ever since and technically, I was a beginner trader in the online trading system. I searched out online platforms that were reputed by industry leaders and decided to give each of them a chance. After testing for nearly 2 months, I chose The Investment Center as my daily trading platform.

I came to this conclusion after conducting my evaluation of platforms since there were very few if any review articles regarding trading platforms. My research was based primarily on the basic factors that define a trading platform. I was able to isolate these factors and define the individual aspects that helped me make my final decision. The factors I based my decision on are as follows

  • Secure Access
  • Beginner Training
  • Account Manager
  • Asset Catalogue

Secure Access

Online trading platforms utilize the various advantages that the online system provides. This includes end to end encryption that ensures that user data is kept secured and also protects from unauthorised access. If by some miracle someone can bypass the security by guessing your passwords, you will be notified immediately about your account activity.

The thing about The Investment Center is that it implements a standard encryption system in its way and does not allow third-parties to access user data without the approval of the account owner. What costs a lot of money to implement in a conventional trading system can be done at the fraction of the cost in The Investment Center’s online trading platform.

Security is something that I take seriously. When I was searching for trading platforms I made sure that the first thing I check out before any other service is if it is reliable and if it has the resources required for a secure online trading account. I am glad that I found The Investment Center in time because I was starting to lose hope. While many other platforms provided the basic security features, they did not emphasize this as much as The Investment Center.

Beginner Training

I remember having no clue what to do when I started my testing phase after signing up to The Investment Center. I worried that I would not be able to thrive in a competitive environment if I am unable to develop my skills. It is quite difficult to learn online trading since each platform has its own set of tools and many of the platforms I had previously tested had little to no descriptions of their tools. It was a trial and error system where the user was expected to figure it out themselves. This process usually takes a lot of time and time is a luxurious item that beginners cannot afford.

However, when it came to The Investment Center, one of the first things I observed when I went to the home page was a separate section dedicated to educational tools that essentially guided beginners. I knew that The Investment Center was beginner-friendly but I didn’t realize that it would go as far as providing source material for its customers to learn from. This section has two primary resources. They are e-books and FAQS. Each has its use and they are described below as


I must admit that this particular resource has come in handy quite a few times. This section mostly contained various tactics and techniques users can utilize when trading doors open up every day. As beginners, it is the best guide that I could have asked for.

I have been trading for nearly 2 decades using conventional methods but ever since I switched to the online system I have been having trouble since many platforms assume that their customers are already aware of their tools. However, even pros need guidance to adjust to a new trading environment. My one complaint is that I wish there were more e-books about assets and how their futures can be handled effectively. It would have been a wonderful addition to the already amazing service.


When I made my decision to choose The Investment Center as my go-to trading platform, I encountered a few challenges. I didn’t exactly know what the program was asking me for when I was signing up. However, when I looked through the FAQ section on the home page I was able to find an effective solution. Now I could also have contacted their support team but that takes time which can be better used for some other activity such as finishing up the signup process and starting with trading.

Account Manager

The account manager of this platform was very effective in assisting me in ensuring my account details were kept updated as I switched my account types. This platform has various account types that are catered to serve a diverse range of customers with different requirements. Anyways, I started at the bottom and worked my way to the best account type offered to normal users. This allowed me to streamline my trading process and be more productive.

The account manager was always available when I had any issue however there were some instances where I had trouble getting through to them. I do not know why but it was a recurring issue. This did not affect my experience at all though since all my issues were always handled within the time frame given and there were no significant ramifications as a result.

Asset Catalogue

A trading platform’s primary purpose is to serve as an asset exchange platform. Every trading platform has to have assets that users can trade with. In the past trading firms normally handled a little over a dozen assets at a time. Now with The Investment Center users can access nearly 200 assets that are used by industry leaders to push the economy forward.

The basic categories available on this platform are commodities, currencies, Forex and indices. The forex category is one of the hottest assets in the market right now and tools for trading with it are always available on this platform. It would be a welcomed addition if the platform allows more phone numbers per user so that traders can stay in touch with their independent brokers as well when trading is live. Other attractive assets also include company stocks that include Fortune 500 companies. Cryptocurrencies are also available to all users as an exclusive asset. Crypto has only recently gained popularity and analysts believe it to be the future of the financial system so it is a bonus to have it available to beginners as well. This just further shows the benefits of online trading.

Closing Argument

Trading platforms have come a long way in terms of online trading and while there still exist some glitches that hinder a trader’s ability to some extent, the effects are negligible when compared to the conventional trading methods that have been catalogued to favour legacy firms and do not support beginners.

I have had an amazing experience trading with the Investment Center. The online system provides a fair competitive system where traders can go head to head without worrying about getting left behind. As a full-time trader, I welcome more beginners to join the online system and take advantage of the evolution of the financial marketplace.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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