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InfinityCapitalG Reviews 2021 – A Quick Look at this Broker (www.infinitycapitalg.com)

by John Dillans

When you reach heights of success, you start realizing increasingly that you need to pay off all the debts. This feeling came to me along with the realization that now I had pretty much attained what I always wanted to. I must say, it wasn’t an easy ride with my lows going to extremes where you cannot get back from easily. I was only in my early 20s when I figured out that if there was one profession that I will go for, it would be trading. Back then, the trading world seemed nothing to me but a money-making place where everyone could come and get the wealth built. But after landing in the profession, I realized that the number of imposters on my track could easily send me back. Hard times came but I knocked them off with my courage to keep going on.

A few months back I was on a TV show when I was asked questions regarding my trading venture. I kept answering until there came a question which asked me about my forex firm and what makes me stick to it for this long. Answering the question beyond the scope of that show is why I am here to guide you all naive traders about how to look for an online brokerage firm that can serve your trading needs the best.

But before we go on with the review, let me tell you that one tool that I want all of you to keep close is research. Trust me, I have battled the deadliest and most cunning tricksters with this tool, all alone. If you actually decide to look if a company is worth it or not, you can do this in no time. I firmly believe that the major reason behind soaring rates of scams is that our young traders believe more in shortcuts and random advice than they should in research.

But this is okay and somehow natural when you are new. Due to my awful experiences, I have seen very closely how these firms work and this allows me to spot a fraudster in no time. I would like you all to read my review carefully and keep a small piece of paper and a pencil so you can write down all the important aspects. After that, you can sort them according to your convenience and there you go.

This technique is not only for picking the right firm, in fact, if you keep researching this way before making any decisions you are bound to succeed. I learned all this from different people, at different times, and placed and applying them all together at the right time brought me the results.

I want to quickly tell you how I got to know about the game-changer InfinityCapitalG. So, I was looking for the next forex firm when my cousin told me about this one and how it had changed his life. I immediately got the website’s link and started the research. After opening the website for the very first time, I could feel a sense of inclination towards the firm already, mainly because of the way it was put forth.

I later realized this is one of the techniques that good companies adopt to catch the attention of the customer and lead them into the good which is hidden deep down.


Thanks to all the previous experiences, I was not ready to sign up for a firm which did not have security in their top priority list. But figuring it out was not an easy job. I had to spend so much effort trying to see if it was widely trusted amongst the trader community for being secure. I went through the website first. The Legal section left me astonished because I had never seen something as transparently displayed as the documents there. Even if you do not end up joining this forum, you can have a look at the documents like Anti Money Laundering Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Risk Disclosure statement, etc. All these will help you see how a trustworthy website looks from a legal angle.

Well, the next thing that I found particularly commendable was the clear-cut disclaimer at the bottom. It stated all the threats and dangers that you might come across. This allowed me to take precautionary measures to keep myself safe. Also, it is said that the website has been kept unavailable in some parts of the world on purpose because of security considerations. I was, I must say, surprised to hear that because I had never seen a firm give up profits for the security of the rest of their clients. I also went to my seniors and fellows asking if they had ever heard of their serves being hacked or any attacks. After hearing all the good about it, I was sure that InfinityCapitalG would be my next partner.

User Friendly

When a firm runs online through a website, the next thing which you need to look for is if it is user-friendly. I have suffered at hands of one such firm and trust me it was as horrible as it could get. I felt like the portal had waged some kind of war against me and the fight will never come to an end. The website of InfinityCapitalG is very easy to navigate for all sorts of traders and once you open it there is no need for video tutorials or tips and tricks to help you learn it. All important options are clearly placed in a way that they are easy to find, in fact, they are highlighted so you don’t have to struggle to look for them. The InfinityCapitalG logo at the top takes you to the main page in one click and the reach to the top button makes its use very easy from the phone. I particularly like how the website is made available from different devices such as laptops and phones. And the best part of that it remains equally easy to use from all of them.


The website runs by default in the English language and this is a great choice keeping in mind that most people understand it but InfinityCapitalG has a very wide clientele from all around the globe so the company should consider adding many languages. At the moment one language apart from English is being offered and this needs to be improved soon.

Payment Methods

It is eminent throughout the web page that the company believes in facilitating the customers even if they have to go the extra mile for that. And this was reflected in the fact that they let you pay through three popular methods. But we know that a lot of traders these days make use of PayPal so an option for that should be introduced in the near future.

Date, Time, and the Stocks Bar

Although the website is great overall, I have seen that many firms online have added a date and time bar at the top of the main page. This allows one to keep a track of time zone differences and make the right decisions at the right time. Also, I would love to see a stocks bar that keeps moving as it updates one about the highs and lows in the rates of popular stocks that you might be interested in.

Order Execution

The next thing which you do not want to compromise on is the order execution speed. Imagine hitting buy at a time when the price of the stock is $3k and its execution when it reaches $3.5k. This has happened to me once on one of my previous platforms which was why I looked into this before joining. I found out that here at InfinityCapitalG they have employed high-tech, powerful and efficient computers and software which ensures that your order does not get delayed by even splits of seconds.


The FAQ section on the website is one of the most famous ones. It covers all the important areas and in one of the most comprehensive ways. The questions are grouped together so you can easily reach their answers without having to waste your time. The section is divided into a total of five groups; Open Account, Support, Platform, Trading, and Funding. This section is very engaging in itself because of the drop-downs and embedded links. I am satisfied with this section but I am eagerly waiting for the time when the company starts updating the section more often.

Final Thoughts

The platform InfinityCapitalG has been great for me so far. Although there are some flaws associated, these are minor ones and do not hinder your trading operations. I have worked with many platforms but this was the only one out of all which has helped me grow as a trader.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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