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Benefits of Oil Factoring

by John Dillans

Oil factoring is increasingly critical because the oil and gas industry continues to be a lucrative one. As oil booms, business owners in this industry are enjoying an optimistic future and record profits. However, these owners need to ensure that they can get enough cash to remain profitable and competitive even with the financial promise connected to oil and gas today. Using oil factoring can withstand any challenges that come with operating the oil and gas business.

Credit Challenges

Because of the competitive nature and hectic pace of the oil and gas industry, one needs to understand that many business leaders may not secure a bank loan because they have credit challenges. They use oil factoring to obtain the money they need if they are looking to bypass any credit risk.

It may be quite impossible to meet some of the stringent credit criteria some banks typically have. With factoring, there is no need to check the applicants’ credits except the business’s clients. There may not be any issues with the factor transaction if the clients have good credit and pay their bills on time. A business owner can be eligible for factoring even with poor credit.

Slow Receivable Payments

When clients are not paying their bills on time, businesses may find it hard to keep a healthy cash flow. When it comes to the oil and gas business, the owner may receive a payment from clients after waiting for several weeks or months. Business leaders can prevent the delay in waiting for payment and use oil factoring in their invoices since waiting that long can be impossible. As owners allow the factor to collect the outstanding invoices, they can continue with their work and have more needed money.

Sales and Seasonal Fluctuations

With the continuous rise in oil and gas, the industry still experiences a few fluctuations. Owners’ cash flow will suffer when there is a fall in demand. However, they can raise the fund they need immediately by factoring in their invoices when needed for immediate cash. These business leaders can obtain most of the money their clients owe them when they factor in their invoices. Since they have no business accounting for what they use the cash factor for, they can use it to take care of other financial obligations. They can also use it to

  • Pay outstanding advertising bills or utility
  • Expand their client base
  • Buy supplies
  • Make payroll

They can also get the cash to expand their businesses instead of missing out on money-making opportunities. They can then increase their profits by bidding on new work when they have the money on hand.

Supplies and Equipment Purchases

To remain viable in the industry, oil and gas business owners understand that they need the right equipment. They may start losing customers and money if their equipment becomes outdated or breaks down. Businesses can only continue working without any interruptions when they have the necessary supplies available. Owners can satisfy the deadline set by their clients by purchasing pipes, drills, and other necessary supplies to continue their work instead of delaying a drilling project.

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