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Tips for Choosing a Trade show Exhibit Design Company

by John Dillans

Trade shows are a huge investment for your business and have the potential to pay off significantly. However, you’ll need to make the right choices leading up to the trade show to reap maximum benefits – this includes everything from choosing the right exhibit, staff, and even suppliers.

Pick the wrong booth provider, staff or supplier, however, and even the best product, service or brand can fail to make an impact. That’s why it’s vital that you settle for the right exhibit design company when you are prepping for your next (or first) trade show. But the question becomes, how do you know which company is the best one, given there are so many options in the market?

To answer this question, here are the top tips for choosing a trade show exhibit design company:

Look at the company’s track records

You’ll know so much about a company by looking at their track record – or how consistent they have been with providing stellar services. The best way to establish this is by looking at their “testimonials” and “about us” pages of their websites. Find how long they have been in business, and how well they’ve been able to help clients realize their display dreams. Ideally, you want to work with an established company, like Expo Marketing that has been in business for years, as they are likely to understand your business needs and have a proven process for preparing for trade shows.

Go for experience

In addition to track records, you also want to consider the amount of experience the company has designing trade show exhibits for businesses in the same industry as yours. It’s one thing to have experience, and another to specialize. Once this is clear, find out how long they have been doing this. A good company should have a history of successfully working with companies like yours for years (the more, the better).

Samples of previous work

You know you can’t just take their word for it – you need some proof. Ask for samples of their previous design works that they have done for customers, clients, and exhibitors. It’s tough for a company to fake a finished product, so, you’ll be able to tell from face value, what a design company is all about once you get to see their work. Don’t forget to ask for samples booths they’ve designed for previous companies similar to yours. Keep in mind that often, what you see is what you’ll get; don’t expect excellent results from a company that didn’t deliver for past clients.

Turnaround time

It’s easy to overlook this aspect, yet it plays a crucial role. Find out how long they’ll take to design your project. You want your booth to be right up, and ready weeks before the trade show, so you can do some pre-shows.


Last, but not least is the price – how much does the company charge for their design works? Of course, you should pick a company that falls within your budgetary preference. But this does not mean you go for the cheapest bidder, lest you get what you paid for.

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