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CVMarkets Review 2021- How CVMarkets lived up to my hopes of being a good broker?

by John Dillans

When it comes to online trading platforms, it is necessary for beginners to invest some energy in investigating and exploring the brokers. The online trading world could be frightening for somebody who has no clue about how this industry functions. Keeping that in mind, I figured I should compose a review on my involvement in CVMarkets.

When I started my venture into that trading world, I didn’t think about it and subsequently, I got overwhelmed with thousands of brokers online. To tackle this situation, I began doing my examination on various brokers and their platforms by visiting particular web pages and perusing surveys on them. This aided me a ton in acquiring satisfactory information which drove me to CVMarkets.

When I came across with CVMarkets, I was already a member of few other platforms. However, I was never truly happy with them. One fine day, I shared about this platform with my dear friend, and turns out she was also a member of this platform and found, it works well for her. She gave me a quick small review on it and I knew I had to give this platform a chance and try it out myself. After investigating, the criteria I had for a decent broker, CVMarkets was able to ace them all. Which made me very eager and excited, to start my trading journey with them.

What I expect from a decent online broker is to provide decent customer service, if their clients are not satisfied with them or their customer service; they won’t find themselves sticking around for long with the platform. Besides this, their trading platforms should be equipped with advanced tools and technology, so that any level trader can find it easier to use for their trading.

Numerous other factors lead to a broker being decent and viable. So, I think the most ideal approach to give a review of this platform is to list all segments and highlights it offers and afterward composes my point by point insight with CVMarkets.

Thus, this platform offers:

  • Educational Materials
  • Platform layout
  • Customer Service
  • Payment methods
  • Security

Educational Material:

Relatively few platforms offer a good educational center that caters to the needs of all levels of traders. So, for me, it was very important to land on a platform that only provides decent safety and security but also a good educational center. Because of the lack of adequate information on trading, I often found myself struggling with my investments. Hence, this gap led me to many losses.

So, when I discovered that CVMarkets offers a fully equipped educational center with several e-books, I was ecstatic to make use out of them. The Educational material on this platform has helped me a ton all through my trading adventure. I tracked down that this platform has a few e-books that can be valuable to both newcomers in the trading world as well as the advanced users.

Nonetheless, through my journey with this platform, as I started to trade, I felt the lack of educational material for advanced users. I think they can rectify this issue by adding few more e-books that will aid the advanced users.

Other than the e-books, there is an entire segment loaded up with all the conceivable trading terminologies that one could think of. All of these terminologies, in my opinion, should be acknowledged by beginners. There were times, where I found myself going back and forth to get some help from the glossary section. So, I think the glossary has been a lifesaver for me and made me a better and more knowledgeable trader.

There were times where I had a few inquiries which I felt were not big enough to head over ot live chat or email alternative, rather such questions were at that point replied on their “FAQ” page. This was a big timer-saver for me. The FAQ page had some headings like Funding, Open Account, Platform, Support, and Trading. Each heading had around 4-5 questions which were answered already.

They also had a section for assets which I found very intriguing. This section had all the assets that they offer for trading, which are 200+. All the assets are arranged alphabetically, which is very easy to find the asset that I was, at times, looking for. Under each asset, they mentioned its trading hours and its expiry rule, which was convenient for their users like me.

Platform Layout

The design or layout of a trading platform is important to me because I don’t want to get lost when looking for an education center, charts, or their helplines. I wanted a template that was both visually appealing and easy to follow, with fewer fused pages and CVMarkets was all about that.

CVMarkets works very hard to ensure that it is available for both clients and for individuals that are easy for them to access. If we’re talking about flawlessness, I believe the platform should have chosen a light-tone theme to make the site more attractive and appealing to the eye.

The live chat option is available at the bottom right corner on most of the pages. So, it is easier to be in contact with them if you are stuck on any page of the platform. However, I noticed while using their chart, the trading platform is the only page that doesn’t have a live chat icon at the bottom. It would have been better because often I found it inconvenient that I would have to leave my trading chart during investment process to make contact with a representative if I faced any issue.

One more thing I’d like to point out is that CVMarkets only provides English dialect on their website. At times, I found it inconvenient when I wanted my foreign companions to participate on this website.

Customer Service:

Great customer service will make the difference between decent reliable brokers and undeveloped brokers. As a result, when I research trading platforms, I want to know how powerful their client service is.

As far as I can tell, CVMarkets has outstanding customer service, which was extremely helpful to me. Initially, I relied on their live chat for the majority of my questions and problems, and each time I was satisfied. I believe, that a platform must be well-prepared and well-trained to assist its customers efficiently and effectively.

CVMarkets also provides services such as email and phone in addition to the option of a live chat. Email and live chat, in my opinion, are the most effective ways to communicate with brokers. However, the telephone service is only available to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Payment Methods:

Payment methods hold a significant part in any speculation. I generally ensure with any broker that I am assocciating with should favor payment methods. Assuming my preferred methods are not accessible, what different choices do they offer? I have always found myself consistently using PayPal, however, this platform has different alternatives which worked well for me.. The payment methods they offer are:

  1.     Vlad
  2.     Maestro
  3.     MasterCard
  4.     Bank Wire

Among the previously listed payment methods, the Bank wire was my preference. When compared to other options, I believe Bank wire is the most reliable, and that is what I find works best for me. Aside from the Bank wire, I tried the rest of the payment methods, except the VLoad, which I found to be fantastic alternatives.

Besides, I never had to deal with any problems with deposits or withdrawals during my journey with CVMarkets. As far as my interactions with this platform were concerned, everything went smoothly.


How seriously a broker views a platform’s protection has a huge impact on gaining a customer’s interest and trust as well. I expected to be able to trust the broker enough to give it my personal information and resources and I found this particular quality in CVMarkets.

When it came to CVMarket, I never doubted its ability to keep check on me objectively in the registration procedure as they guided me through. The whole process of getting myself registered to become one of their members taught me that this platform prioritizes the safety and security of their clients.

Their registration process consists of a few easy steps that take just a few moments to complete. I was asked to fill in my first and last names, country of residence, telephone code, and phone number, as well as my email and a secret key, which took just a few minutes.

Aside from all of their safety and security procedures for registering, they’ve also listed the policies they adopt at the bottom of their page. These are the policies:

  1.    Terms and Conditions
  2.     Privacy Policy
  3.     Bonus Policy
  4.     Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)
  5.     Know Your Customer (KYC)
  6.     Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Exploring and reviewing all of these policies helped me feel much safer. I knew that with this platform, I wouldn’t have to be concerned about the safety and security of my data, as well as the resources.

Last thoughts:

I believe I have discussed most of the important topics that everyone can think about before looking into any broker in this review. CVMarket, in my opinion, lived up to my hopes of being a good broker. I’ve been a long-time user of this site, and it never fails to amaze me with how well it works and how effective its services are. Few platforms, in my experience, can perform as well as CVMarket.

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