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Iron Bits Review 2021- Why traders continue to choose this broker?

by John Dillans

If you ask me for two elements behind my success, I’ll say my mother and Iron Bits instantly. When I didn’t have anyone to hold me up back, I had my mum. In fact, it was her friend who told me of the forum Iron Bits. I had joined trading back in 2010 and just like most other young traders, I kept falling in hands of scams and tricksters. This became more common when an influx of brokerage firms was seen. People kept falling for flashy specs as they compromised on basic services.

I have had my fair share of struggle but I don’t want you all to go through the tough time I had to strive through.  I also don’t want you all to miss the important lessons that this time taught me. This is the only reason why I wanted to review this forum so the masses learn what to look for in a reliable brokerage firm. Are you ready to drive into the details with me?

Theme and Interface

Forex firms are all about web pages and portals. If these web pages are well designed then attaining customer satisfaction goals is an easy job. It isn’t about interface only, in fact, a good theme has a lot to do with trader satisfaction. It is so because if someone is not used to working with dark backdrops then it becomes really hard to use the trading tools that are necessary for decision making. As for the interface of the webpage, I am super satisfied. I like how the graphics have been integrated. Also, the website is so simple to use that one does not feel the need for tutorials or tips. One can easily run through the website and if you go far away exploring, you can simply click on the logo at the top. It takes you back to the main landing page in no time. I love this. As for the theme, the text stands out on the dark background and is easily readable. The colour combination of dark blue, white and green works well but I would’ve loved had the background been white or any other light colour. You see, my old eyes refuse to corporate now. Otherwise, the font colour, size, shape and style all are up to the mark.

Order Execution

This is one thing which the youngsters tend to ignore often. You might not get it initially, but in reality, the order execution speed holds the power to take you down to zero in splits of seconds. Let me explain. Imagine that you’re buying a stock at a given price. You see the price and find it highly reasonable. The next moment you want to buy it and hit the buy button. Now if the website is efficient and designed professionally then your order won’t be executed the next second of the next moment. You get to pay the exact amount that you bid for. But if your platform’s order execution is delayed then you might have to pay the next minute’s rate. Now that you have hit buy, you can’t really change your decision. In fact, the computer decides what you get to pay. It can be higher or lower than what you agreed for. So this is where a slow execution makes things go wrong. A very dear friend of mine had to pay around $50k more because of impaired execution. Well, if you sign up for Iron Bits, this is what you need to drop off from your worry list immediately because the computers are very efficient.

Contact Us

The Contact Us option at the bottom of the page is in fact the rescue me button. All these years I have been calling support representatives to my help and I haven’t been disappointed for once. Had it not been for these cool-headed people, I would’ve been a struggling trader who was about to reach death. These skilled individuals are trained before they are allowed to deal with the users. Their training is much emphasized because the company is aware of the fact that they form the face of the firm. If one customer is satisfied by their services, then he is going to tell 10 more than his company is the best. And this is the sort of publicity that every company dreams of.

Well moving on, there are multiple options that you can employ in order to get in touch with the representatives. These are call, email, phone, and live chat. All of these are more or less equally responsive but the live chat was my favourite. I could not use the phone option because it isn’t open to customers outside some countries. It is of utmost importance that the firm introduces a number which everybody can use. There are people all around the globe who do not like to type their message. Also, the limited chat and phone hours can be a headache because some problems demand immediate solutions. Also, traders work on Sundays so I hope they make the customer care services available on weekends too.


Education of customers is a very important process. You all young ones out there should keep telling yourselves that the prices of learning new stuff never comes to an end. I have been a trader for 12 years now but if I stay away from refreshing my knowledge, I always keep bumping into new problems. It’s not only about new knowledge, but you also need to keep revising the old one. Keeping this in mind the firm has laid out a very well developed education segment. It is subdivided into FAQ, Glossary, Asset Index and eBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ questions are grouped into categories so that you can easily run through them when in need. Although these cover a lot of topics, I think they aren’t regularly updated. We know that needs to change over time and so do questions so it would be wise to keep the section up to date.

Glossary and Asset Index

The Glossary and Asset Index have been arranged alphabetically. This is done in an attempt to save your time. You come across a hard time, open the portal, go to the glossary, touch the initial alphabet and there you go. The same is with Asset Index. This approach reflects that the company cares not only for your money but also for your other valuables such as time.

An Opportunity to Expand the Portfolio

The wider number of assets you trade, the larger the chances of you reaching unprecedented heights. This is what I was taught by my financial manager. He said that if the firm processed me with this opportunity, then why not make full use of it. When I joined Iron Bits, I only had a little know-how of forex trading. Rest was an alien domain to me but gradually with all the courage I got from Iron Bits, I took my first step in the world of commodities and indices. Also, my first ever Crypto venture was with Iron Bits. I cannot thank them enough for this favour. Had the staff not helped me out, I would’ve passed away with the fear of this gold which remains unexplored by a lot of talented traders out there.

Multiple Account Options

Another commendable element of the firm is the division of services into accounts. The firms have seen over the years that a large number of customers use their forum and all of them have varying needs. If a standard account was provided then it wouldn’t have been fair to a large chunk who got to overpay. Why should someone who wanted leverage up to 100 pay for leverage up to 300? This is why the company provides you with a range of features and you pick one according to your needs. Remember that all traders have varying needs and I have seen Iron Bits catering all of them well. The basic account is for newbies. You have to pay the least amount of deposit to get your hands on basic features such as leverage up to 100 and market reviews. As we go up the account becomes more complex and the features give you more. But it requires a greater amount of initial deposit.

The Final Word

As we reach the end, I would like to mention that at Iron Bits I have never felt for even a while that my future doesn’t lie in secure hands. This is because of the optimal trading environment that you get here. I am satisfied with the overall efficiency of the forum. I cannot say that this platform is free of flaws but its specs complement my priority list just the right way. This is why I feel like signing up for Iron Bits was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I hope you reach this conclusion soon. Good luck!

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