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 Is Investing in a Family Health Insurance Policy Worthwhile?

by John Dillans

We live in a very uncertain and volatile world. This is not just a statement but a fact, and we have experienced the instability of life in the past few years with the COVID-19 virus. It has been an eye-opener for many reasons, and healthcare was one of the most important lessons.

Since the lockdown, the awareness around healthcare facilities, precautions, and measures has increased. Along with that, people have come to understand the importance of a health insurance policy.

They have come to realise that having a medical policy and a health policy for the family is a necessity. Safeguarding the well-being of your loved ones has become very essential. Family health insurance has a proactive approach of looking at the policyholder that shields your family from any potential medical issue and provides financial assistance at the time of the event.

This blog discusses whether family health policies are worth the money and time or not!

 Family Health Care Plans

A policy that provides financial relief to a family in case of medical conditions or emergencies is called a family medical insurance plan. It offers coverage to all covered family members and has major benefits, more than the standard health insurance policy.

These policies often have provisions for preventative care, periodic checkups, hospitalisation, death benefits, maternity insurance, etc.

 Benefits of Health Insurance Plans for Family

 Comprehensive Coverage

A family that holds a family health care plan typically enjoys coverage of a wide range of medical cost compensation. As we have mentioned above, this policy includes medical expenses, hospitalisation, diagnostic tests, medications, and even preventative healthcare measures.

This coverage helps ensure that your loved ones have access to the necessary medical interventions without having to worry about the financial scene of the entire transaction.

 Cost-Efficient and Cost-Effectiveness

You can picture this: as an earning member of the family, you have to buy an individual standard health insurance policy for every family member. The payments of all those policy premiums, keeping up with the dates, and renewal of the policy would become a huge task for you.

It is a substantial financial burden that disappears with the help of family health insurance. Since it is a policy that covers everyone in the family, it becomes less of a hassle. It also reduces expenses and costs while being effective when needed.

 Cashless Treatment and Hospitalisation

With the help of various brilliant minds, we have a facility called cashless treatment in the field of health insurance. This service allows you to take care of the medical scenario without running around searching for cash.

Cashless hospitalisation is an add-on that employs a hospital to help your family with their medical condition. The company and the policyholder settle the expenses according to the proportions and voluntary deductibles.

 All-Members Covered

All the members of your family are covered under this healthcare policy. You can cover for yourself, your spouse and other dependent family members like children, parents, and parents-in-law.

You can also add a new family member to your policy very easily. This makes it a comprehensive solution for your family’s financial future regarding medical conditions.

 Flexible and Customisable

As mentioned above, you can easily add a new member to the family health policy. The plans also allow you to add different add-ons and additional coverage, like maternity coverage, to the policy whenever needed.

You need to follow a small procedure for the same, but it is very convenient. The coverage for all the members can also be changed during the policy tenure, making the plan very flexible and customisable.

 Importance of Health Insurance For Family


You receive a lot of benefits from this investment. Starting from the provisions, terms, conditions, clauses, add-ons, and flexibility, you also receive tax benefits.

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you can deduct the policy premium from the total taxable income, reducing the payable amount. There are many benefits to the family health care policy, and it is definitely better than individual health plans if you want to insure your entire family.

 Peace Of Mind

Everyone is responsible for protecting the family in any way possible. If you are the family’s binding force, being strong and keeping the family steady is your responsibility. If you are the family’s earning member, taking care of the family finances is important.

Even with so many responsibilities, you can relax because you have a family health insurance plan that is going to assist the entire family if the need arises.


Maintaining the track record, amounts, premium amounts, important dates, and policy details of the individual policies of the entire family is an extremely excruciating task in terms of time.

It is very time-consuming and takes up a lot of space in your management section. With family health insurance, every member falls under one umbrella policy. This saves a lot of time and effort in the process.


We can conclude by saying that investing in family health insurance is worth your time, effort, and money. It is a prudent choice that goes beyond financial planning. It is known that health is an important asset in today’s life, and hence, health insurance is even more so.

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