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4 Steps to Choosing an Effective Waste Management Option

by John Dillans

Managing waste is a significant challenge for many businesses. How do you comply with controlled waste legislation while maintaining environmental standards, as well as keeping costs as low as possible? Businesses should choose a waste management company wisely so they save money and find the most convenient service possible. Finding a great waste management company does not need to be a hassle – take a look at these tips to discover more.

  1. Follow the Waste Management Hierarchy

When deciding which waste management company to use you must first understand how much waste you generate and what type. The waste hierarchy system helps you to choose the method of waste disposal that is the least damaging to the environment. You can reduce the amount of waste you generate in the first place, in order to cut costs from the start. Then you can decide how much you can reuse. After this you will see how much you can recycle, and then you can also consider how to recover energy from waste. Finally, look at how much waste you will send to landfill. Once you have decided how much, look for companies that can handle these needs.

  1. Look for Special Services

If you have specialist waste services you need to be covered then you should first look for a waste management company that specialises in these issues. For example, you may need to dispose of hazardous waste and you need to look for waste disposal facilities and services close to you and which are experienced with dealing with your type of waste.

  1. Look for Credentials and Registration

A business disposing waste must use a registered waste disposal company, as this is what the law requires. A waste management business must be registered and the company using the services could face a fine if they use an unregistered entity.

  1. Find Out About Service and Convenience

Waste disposal can be a tricky business and above all you need a service that is convenient to use and cost effective. Look for flexible collection times and practical assistance for how to store and separate waste. Look for a firm that has a good level of customer service so you can resolve any problems easily if they arise. And the company must be reliable – you risk fines and problems if you end up with waste on your premises that has not been collected in good time. Ask around for recommendations and look for testimonials and reviews that show a company has a good reputation.






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