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What Parameters Influence Your Car Insurance Premium?

by John Dillans

When buying car insurance online, one of the most crucial considerations is how much the monthly premium can be. Of course, you need to check the pricing before making a purchase, but you should opt for something other than the affordable policy and risk not having enough coverage.

If you do not have adequate coverage, you can be suffocated by a heavy financial weight in an emergency. Consider the following aspects that influence the cost of your auto insurance premium so that you can select a plan that satisfies your needs in terms of coverage and budgetary constraints.

  1. Age of the vehicle, make and model, and fuel type –

After a certain point in time, the value of every commodity may begin to decrease. The same principle applies to automobiles, which is why the age of your vehicle is one of the most important aspects considered when you calculate car insurance premium for your insurance rate.

The make and model of your car are the following crucial factors to consider. This includes characteristics such as the manufacturing firm, the type of vehicle, the capacity of the engine, etc. The total amount you might be responsible for paying as a premium is determined by the IDV, which is the sum of all these individual components.

  1. Policy types for automobile insurance –

Comprehensive car insurance policies or car insurance renewal provide substantial coverage and pay for a wide variety of additional aspects and add-ons. This includes covering minor damages, thefts, and damages caused by natural disasters.

On the other hand, ordinary third-party insurance in India, which is a requirement to operate legally, only protects against third-party liability and charges a flat rate.

  1. Deductibles –

In the world of auto insurance, there are two distinct kinds of deductibles: those that are voluntary and those that are mandatory. As the owner of the covered vehicle, you can select a voluntary deductible, which is the amount of money that can come out of your own wallet in the event of a claim.

Having a zero depreciation insurance for cars can help cover damages or losses based on the company’s terms.

  1. Value declared to insurance companies –

IDV is the value the vehicle would be available in the present market scenario. Hence it has a significant bearing on the amount of the automobile premium that the buyer is required to pay. Suppose the vehicle sustains substantial damage, resulting in costs higher than the insurance limitations.

In that case, the insurance company can pay the owner the full amount of the total insured sum and declare the vehicle a total loss.

  1. Driving history –

Suppose you have a history of reckless driving and have been involved in any incidents involving rule-breaking or accidents. In that case, this may directly impact the total premium you must pay. Since the likelihood of a safe driver causing damage to the vehicle is lower than that of a high-risk driver, the latter’s insurance premium can be lower.

  1. Location as well as the registration area –

Car insurance online companies typically charge more for coverage in regions that have a higher incidence of accidents because of this. In addition, your monthly premium can go up if you live in part experiencing political turmoil, but this depends on the insurance company you choose.

In addition, the area where you choose to register your vehicle is another factor that can either drive up or bring down the total cost of your annual car insurance premiums.


Utilizing a premium calculator to calculate car insurance premium is among the most effective approaches to getting a ballpark estimate of the cost of your insurance policy. The guidelines for determining the amount of the premium are going to be the variables above and considerations.

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