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WaltonChase Review 2021- What makes this broker stand out?

by John Dillans

You all must’ve heard school life is the best life. Or parents keep narrating stories of their childhood as they explain how things were so hard back then. I remember, being a child I could never relate to their experiences because the life I had the fortune of the meeting was super easy and pampering.

Today I recall all the magical childhood times because this opportunity has taken me back to a time when I was nothing but a rowdy kid. Grades were never on my priority list, in fact, I was always busy making plans for escaping my mum’s tight hold to go out and play. Back then, the only stress was that my chocolate spread jar was reaching the end really fast.

When I came to the trading profession, I had no idea it was such a hard place to survive. We always associated a lot of comfort and ease with it but in reality, it is a nerve-wracking game. Within minutes you’re at the top of the cliff and in the next split of a second, you’re rolling down the bottom. Successful traders are the ones who learn to balance themselves on the top. When I stepped in, I wanted to climb to the heights in no time but gradually I learnt this top is way harder than all the mountain tops we explored in summers.

When I graduated from my college, being a good student I had a strong grasp of my concepts. I knew from day 1 that forex firms are great catalysts for the success of young traders. When in schools, we’re not told about the darker side of trading. None of my professors told me how many fraudulent companies were awaiting my arrival. Well, I knew I had to sign for a good and reliable brokerage firm. So the day I graduated, I got my account made the very next day. I would’ve done that way before but my mum wanted me to complete my degree before starting off formally.

To be honest, I’ll say I was trapped. All the basic and imperative features such as a secure working environment were highly compromised and hidden under the flashy specs that were of no use for me. It took me very long to realize that. I was taken aback when one day I received an email from the firm saying that they had a security breach and they are sorry for not being of any help. I visited firm offices, emailed, called, talked to representatives but nothing helped. I had to leave for a new one ultimately.

The next one was better than this one but their inaccurate tools proved to be seriously damaging for my bank balance. The minor alerts kept showing as major ones and I, being a neophyte, kept making wrong decisions. After my fourth firm, I told myself it was enough and that I will not sign up now until I find the top elements in my priority list in one place.

I went out in a quest to find my life long forex partner. I met so many people, asked them, went through websites and reviews, read documents, went through documents until I was sure that WaltonChase has all that I need. I would like you all to know that what in the forum is making me stick to it for years now. Let’s start!

The Overall Look and Interface

When you click to open the website, the first thing that you notice is the theme of the website. Other factors must be important but they came layer into the game. I believe a good theme and a nice colour scheme is a must-have in order to ensure long term partnerships. Being a customer of WaltonChase I am super satisfied with the user interface. In fact, the website has been put forth in a way that it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced individual, all can easily operate the web portal. The integrated graphics are a great idea. I have been a huge fan of the fact that the logo at the top takes you back to the main landing page in a click. Many people find this dark theme very pleasing because it looks professional to them but it wasn’t just great. I am not in the habit of making my eyes work in the dark and old age doesn’t cooperate a lot so I would love it if the theme was right. In fact, I don’t want others to go for what they don’t like so it would be best if the website lets users pick themes with which they are comfortable. Otherwise, font colour, style and the rest are up to the mark.

Portfolio Expansion

The forum allows you to make use of more than 200 trading assets. This is a golden opportunity for traders to adopt multiple ways to carry out trade. When I joined, I was only a forex trader and stuff like commodities and crypto did not fall in my comfort zone. But gradually over time, the company gave me the confidence to step out of the forex world and explore new avenues. I know a whole lot of people who were not ready to work with crypto initially but WaltonChase showed all of us the new path which led to bitcoin earned profits. The provided financial managers are also very cooperative in this matter because they are always willing to help you out if you wish to work on more. When you have got a portfolio that caters to such a wide range of assets, there’s a very little probability that you go into losses because you’ve multiple options and all your eggs are not in the same basket.


Keep in mind that the process of learning never reaches an end no matter how many years you trade for. This is why all platforms should always consider adding a well-developed education section. Thanks to WaltonChase for incorporating a very comprehensive educational resource. The segment has been divided into subsections namely FAQ, Glossary, Asset Index, and eBooks. You’ll be pleased to know that all of these have been put forth in a time-saving manner. FAQs have been grouped into categories for quick and easy navigation while the Glossary and Asset Index are alphabetically arranged so that you can quickly retrieve what you want. The books provided are for both experienced and new traders. Also, the small introductory paragraph at the bottom of the book’s title gives you an idea of what the books talk about and if you want to open them.

Customer Support

This is a department that forms the face of the company. Well-developed customer support can work wonders if they keep functioning the right way. Customer support is great at WaltonChase. All these years I have been going back to these representatives and I haven’t returned dissatisfied for once. The people are very welcoming and helpful. They never make you feel absurd and help you to the best of their capabilities.

There are multiple ways one can get in touch with them. Call, chat, form submission, and email are available. I have been a frequent user of the live chat option because it allows one-to-one conversation without having to talk on the phone. The call option is also very famous but unfortunately, I could never make use of it because there’s no international number available for users all around the globe. Traders living outside the UK and Australia cannot use the call option, unfortunately. Also, the chat and calling hours are limited so you have to make sure you ask questions on time. It is hard for some of us because of the time zone difference so I would suggest the company expands the operational hours.


Another feature that reflects the sincerity of the firm towards your money is that they don’t want you to pay for something you never wanted. This is why they have divided the features into accounts for varying trading needs. You need not pay for leverage up to 300 when all you need is up to 100. Also, they let you upgrade easily if you want to get an advanced account. The most basic one being the trial and the most advanced one being the heritage. You need to pick one carefully according to your business needs and requirements.

The Final Word

Always keep in mind that someone’s suggestion should not be your reason to pick a platform. Always carry out your research because no one can assess your trading needs as good as you can. And once you do, only then can you see if a given platform can serve your needs or not. I know a lot of different traders that have varying needs and all are happy with WaltonChase but it is always wise to look into it yourself.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

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