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TopMarketCap – Review 2021- The Secret Behind the Success of New Traders

by John Dillans

Thinking of the time when I was about to give up on my passion gives me chills. Since the age of 10, I knew I had to become a successful trader. When someone taunted me on my wish to become a trader, I remember getting into a fight because for me the only option was being as successful as a trader in life. This was primarily due to the way I was attached with my dad who was an established forex trader of his time. As a child, he used to take me to the stock exchange and there I would be welcomed by all the stranger faces. I soon realized it was all because of my dad. After being brought up in such an environment I was not ready to give up on the trading perks. A 9-5 job was a big no for me. Like a huge no. The only boss I could work under was myself.

But things didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. It was a rather bumpy ride but I am glad it gave me lessons that I would have not received from thousands of bucks worth of courses. There are times when I don’t want to think about them but then there are moments when I want to relive those times. It’s a mixed feeling I must say. Had it not been my mom, I would’ve been just an average guy struggling to make a living. It was all the confidence and motivation that she gave me, which got me going. I can clearly recall, once I got back home sobbing and opened my laptop to look for a job. It was then when she came and hugged me. Her smile gave me all the strength I needed for the moment. After that day, I never found myself quitting. After watching me lose all my hard-earned fortune at the hands of an unreliable forex firm, I was ready to move on to the next one now.

This was where my senior kicked in. He said if you keep going in this way nothing on planet earth will come to your aid. I stood back for a while. Why did he sound like I was bound to fail? He was only emphasizing the fact that if I keep making huge decisions like it’s some child’s play, I’ll keep being trapped in the flawless traps laid by these flashy firms. He was right.

Had I done thorough research about my last firm, I would’ve never signed up for it and give them open access to all my data and money. I knew I was ready to take the lead of my life now. If you ask me, I’ll say that was the decisive moment of my life. Taking his words seriously was the best thing I did. So, I went out and researched my way to reach TopMarketCap. I am here today, writing a review to help you guys out. I know ever since the influx of Forex firms happened, we all were left confused regarding which one to pick. The wide range of choices became a headache for many. So here I am in an attempt to explain why I picked this one and what features altogether make me a satisfied customer.

The Optimal Trading Environment

It will not be wrong to call it a hefty term because of the way it covers so much. A good trading environment is a product of so many elements that come together right according to the needs of individual traders. I will discuss most of these elements and will try to give you insights into the associated flaws and suggestions. So, let’s start with the most important element. Reliability.


You must have read and heard many times that a reliable firm works best. But how do you find out which ones are reliable? This is probably the most complex part of the process. But I can make it easy for you. You simply need to visit the website and carry out a small market survey. Go around asking people regarding their opinions about firms, ask for reasons behind stances, visit the website, discuss the policies with your seniors and fellows, also you can carry out a comparative analysis with other competing firms. I did all the above-mentioned things until I was sure that the firm is secure. In fact, I remember how going through the legal section documents with my lawyer made us astonished about the level of transparency. Also, the firm doesn’t cater for customers from some areas like the U.S., Cuba, Syria, Iran, Korea, etc. to ensure the security of other users is not compromised in any way. Now you can imagine the level of commitment of a company towards your security if they are ready to give up on their profits for this.  The disclaimer at the bottom is a clear reflection of the fact that the company does not intend to fool its users and hence the disclaimer clearly states all the associated dangers which you should be aware of.

Website’s Overall Look

This is another thing not talked about often. If a firm runs online, it cannot succeed if it isn’t user friendly. This is why I went through the website in order to see if it helps me easily use the features. I was satisfied. Also, one thing which bothered me was the dark theme. I am aware of the fact that a lot of traders find it great and professional but for me, this isn’t the case. I am looking up to the company for adding up a button that lets users pick themes of choice. Although the theme font colour makes it stand out still it would’ve been great if some customization was offered with that. Apart from this, the self-explanatory website does not need any video tutorials or tips so that’s a great thing.

Education For All

I was particularly pleased to find that the education material available was free and one does not have to pay for it or become a subscribed member of the company. The section comprises ebooks, FAQs, Assets Index, and Glossary. All of these are up to the mark in terms of content. The ebooks are for both the young and the experienced traders. I love how it lets the old ones refresh knowledge and new ones gain more. But these ebooks are not updated that often which makes me a little uneasy when I’m done reading all. I like how the other sections have been grouped or alphabetically arranged in an attempt to save your time and effort. But this brings me to a small problem. All traders are not fond of reading like me so the introduction of video lectures for them should be considered. This will help a larger audience make use of the educational material.

Efficient Tools

This is another thing that has to be well developed to ensure the provision of an optimal trading environment. I like how the company believes in high customization with tools to make individuals’ trading experience fun and smooth. Chart tool is a great example of this. You can pick between different types of charts, intervals etc. Also, the stocks bar is something that I and all other users find commendable. This is because you get to know what’s up with any given stock in a glance. Pointing arrows and colours help save time.

Some Worth Mentioning Points

I am not happy about the fact that the website is only available in a few languages. Because people from all around the globe use it and not all are okay with English. Also, the date and time bar is not seen in the phone version of the website. I like how the website makers have considered that carrying laptops is not possible all the time and made the website available on multiple devices. Also, the unavailability of international numbers for all the users and limited customer support working hours are a few points that the company should work on. I would also like to mention that the rates of the company are considered to be highly affordable as compared to the competitors and you’ll be satisfied after seeing how much you are getting for a given sum of money.

The Concluding Words

TopMarketCap is a forum that has made me a happy trader who can easily perform trading works from the comfort of my home. I like how the company is always looking for suggestions. The customer support section could not be discussed a lot but they are always open to questions and inquiries. You can hit them up and ask whatever crosses your mind about my forex firm. I hope you soon end up in safe hands as I did years ago. Good luck to you all.

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