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Technologies Incorporated by Acuvue Contacts

by John Dillans

Acuvue is among the most widely used brands within the contact world. Really, this brand has gone through a lengthy history which started in 1986. Acuvue is really a product made by VISTAKON that is a subsidiary of Manley & Manley. The initial of VISTAKON may be the Frontier Contact Company which opened up a branch in Jacksonville within the 1950s. VISTAKON grew to become a subsidiary of Manley & Manley almost 30 years ago after almost 10 years of lens production.

Acuvue contacts like a notable brand have a lot of innovations and supply customized products towards the customers. Among the advanced technologies incorporated in Acuvue lenses is employing Stabilized Soft Molding (SSM) technology. Additionally, Acuvue contacts also broadly use patented wetting technologies for example HYDRACLEAR, HYDRACLEAR & PLUS and LACREON. In the majority of the other contacts, these technology is applied only like a surface coating. Acuvue contacts incorporate them as part of the lens material.

This wetting technology is easily the most factor between Acuvue along with other lens brands. It is primarily the advantage that allows Acuvue lenses to become very comfortable all day long lengthy. At length, the used wetting technology enables oxygen to feed towards the eyes, which plays a role in enhanced comfort your eyes can seem to be.

An additional advantage supplied by Acuvue contacts is Ultra violet protection. Although contacts can’t cover the entire area of the eye, Acuvue lenses is capable of doing blocking a minimum of 82% of UVA radiation and 97% of UVB radiation for that covered area of the eye. At the start, Acuvue lenses were created to last 7 days continuously. However, they’re daily disposable lenses. Cost is among the common concerns of daily disposable contacts. Generally, the daily price of Acuvue lenses is between 50 cents and a pair of dollars. This really is reasonable priced by most people.

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