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SecuredVC Review 2021 – A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons of this Broker

by John Dillans

I would like to start my review for SecuredVC with a small prediction. I know you are not here for this but I would still love to put it out there. Those of you who have to research well before making even trivial choices. Let me tell you all that the future is yours. A good and an avid researcher has a long way to go irrespective of the profession they land in. These skills can take you to unprecedented heights. So, if you’re good at that, that’s great. If you’re not then don’t worry, I can help you figure your way out of the mess.

Now we have a couple of questions to answer. Who am I and how can I tell you about the dos and don’ts of the profession? Well, I am a trader who has been in the profession for around a decade now. I know exactly how the world operates and who to catch opportunities while remaining safe from the fraudulent companies that might come your way.

I am only hoping that as we proceed my review doesn’t look like a sermon and seems like a friendly talk between you and me. This is the only reason behind me agreeing to open up about my own experiences as a young trader. I am hoping that my experiences and mistakes teach you all that I learned at the cost of my valuable time and assets. It would be great if by the time you’ll be reading my concluding remarks, you all have a sketch of what exactly it is to choose a nice and reliable forex firm. Also, what point or specs you need to look for to sort of ensuring that you are not landing in the wrong place.

I was not wise enough to look at all of these beforehand and this is the only reason why I kept losing assets one after another. I was naive and had no one in my family who had been associated with trading, so I had to do it all by myself. Today I can say I am a self-made trader, and no one ever transacted large sums of money into my account to start with my business. I can proudly say I have collected every single penny on my own, so I know all the effort and the pain which one experiences while watching it go down the drain.

Before we proceed, I would love to share that my dad was the one who wanted me to become a successful trader. But unfortunately, by the time I stepped informally, he was no more. All the repeated mishaps and scams lowered my morale and once I was on the verge of quitting, but it was this guy whose thought got me going. There came a point when I knew I was bound to fail but I couldn’t give up because of the way he’d Keep saying one day my son will be the big thing in the trading world. Well, now I can say he saw something in me which I could not for so many years. Had it not been for his confidence and small tips and tricks he taught us; I would’ve been nothing but an utter failure. One Golden advice that he passed on was to listen to all but do what you feel is right.

If you want all the success in this world, this is what you need to keep close all the time. At first, I didn’t probably because I didn’t want to, I clearly was not ready to make use of this but later when I suffered and strived, I knew this was something I was lagging at. Well, I kept reading it and rereading it until I once again felt the need to pick a forex firm. I went out, asked my seniors, talked to firm representatives, and then I was finally able to pick SecuredVC. My experience with the firm has been great so far. Let’s quickly run through the pros and cons so you know if this can be your reliable long-term partner or not.

A Look at the Pros and Cons

Okay so before we proceed, I would want you all to get this once for all that no platform in the world is flawless. If someone says there is, then tell yourself immediately they are a part of the scam. I do not mean that no trader in the world is satisfied with the company, though all traders cannot be happy with one firm. This is because all traders have varying needs. This means that you might want a diamond spread for your trading venture while I want a basic one. Now a trader with a wider business will need more while the one who has smaller required the lesser one. So, unless the firm dismisses the idea of standard, they are clearly making traders either underpay or overpay. A good firm tries to carter all sorts of traders. But even then, there are always margins of improvement. This is why I have decided to go for separated pros and cons account so you know where you can compromise and where you can’t.

Security – 5/5

The first and one of the most important elements that you need to look for. This is an area where I can give this company a 5/5 because of the way they have protected my data and my money. Also the way their representatives are transparent about everything, also the uploaded legal documents say it all. They are available on the site 24/7 waiting for you to come and see what a secure firm looks like. These documents include Anti Money Laundering Policy, Term and Conditions, Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement etc. You can also ask the current users and you’ll watch them say how they have never heard of the security breach on this platform.

Customer Care – 5/5

You all will agree how imperative it is for a firm to have well-laid-out customer support. If not then there is a high chance of customers hopping onto new forums. There are multiple ways you can get in touch with the trained representatives and explain your problem such as email, call, chat, etc. But I cannot give it a 5/5 because of the unavailability of an International number. Also, the limited chat hours should be expanded. Yeah, you’ll get it once you sign up.

Features and Tools – 4.3/5

Next up is the professional tools. I feel the need to add here that these tools give you a degree of efficiency and accuracy in your predictions and decisions that you are bound to make lots and lots of bucks. Yep. The charting tool, 200+ assets, financial managers, and everything else here was great. The rapid order execution is another factor that makes the firm stand out. There are some related cons that I’ll discuss as we proceed.


Now let’s quickly have a look at the cons. I’ll try putting up pros alongside for a clearer picture.

Theme – 3/5

I cannot say that the theme was unbearable because I can easily make out what is written. The font sizes, colors, style is great but what brings the theme to the cons section is the dark backdrop which gives me hard time carrying out essential processes such as charting.

Language – 3.5/5

Language is another factor that has not been kept under consideration throughout. The website is available in two languages only. I know English is read and understood by most people but even then, the worldwide clientele should be taken care of while adding languages. Many people know English but are more comfortable with their mother languages. So yeah, this is the only thing that will make the company lose points when it comes to the portal being user friendly.

Date and Time Bar – 3/5

The point of improvement I was talking of earlier in the tools section was that the date and time bar is not visible on phone. It is great that the platform runs great on both the phone and laptop, but it would’ve been even better if this feature was also equally prominent while using the phone.

Education Section – 4.5/5

It will be wrong to say that the entire section is useless. The comprehensive books provided for all sorts of traders are great but unfortunately, the ebooks, FAQs, and Asset Index for all traders is something we would want to be updated even often. Otherwise, it has been put out in a time-saving manner and I like it that way.

Concluding Remarks

It was next to impossible for me to put up all the pros and cons in one article, but I have tried to cover most of it. I hope you all know by now that it has the lead at all major specs that we need as traders. But this isn’t enough. You should study your business’s needs and then pick one.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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