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Online Customs Clearance make for Easier Import from US to Canada

by John Dillans

Traveling internationally always involves passing through customs.  Even if you have never visited a foreign country, if you have flown through an international airport you probably understand, at least a little bit, how this process works.  Anyone traveling to the mainland from the state of Hawaii has experienced a little of this process as well.

As a matter of fact, clearing Canadian customs can be pretty easy; after all, Canada and the United States have many things in common.  For one, both are predominantly English speaking countries (particularly along the border), whereas Spanish is the predominant language. Both America and Canada have money of similar values as well compatible government regulations that make Canada feel, often, much like the US (aside from speed limit signs in kilometers and billboards in French

But walking or driving across the border for a weekend visit is one thing.  If you are moving to a new country, like Canada for example, you will need to clear your personal belongings through Clearit.ca customs brokerage to ensure you are allowed to transport those belongings across such liquid borders.

The good news, though, is that the United States and Canada have a great relationship and that means that the customs process can be an easy one. As a matter of fact, you can use online customs brokers, now, to help expedite this process.  When using an online customs broker you should expect the following things:

Fill Out the Customs Clearance Forms

Upload shipping related documents and opt in for power of attorney to give the company the ability to control your customs process.  Also include a Bill of Sale for the items you are moving.

Make Payment

Once the form is completed and process you will receive a payment request. Make sure you pay the invoice in full or your goods will not be transported across the border.

Be Patient

Customs clearance agencies can only clear your goods that have arrived in Canada. This can take time, of course.

  • By Boat: clearance can take as many as 2 days after the boat has docked
  • By plane: the goods must be placed into a warehouse after the plane has landed so they can be examined and cleared
  • By truck: customs clearance can only process documents for clearance from the carrier 6 to 12 hours before crossing the border; the process will be completed once the truck does successfully cross the border


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