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Making More Space in Your Current Office

by John Dillans

While you may be ready to grow your business, you may not be ready to leave your current office. Upgrading to a larger office will most likely cost you more money, and you may not want to increase your expenses yet. Instead of moving into a new space, you may want to work with a professional design company to reorganise your current space. You might find that these experts can show you how to more effectively use your space. Here are some of the things a professional interior designer may suggest.

Rearrange Furniture

You may have some desks that take up more space than they really need or tables that aren’t being used as efficiently as possible. For example, if you put a table up against a wall, it might give you more space in the room but you won’t be able to fit people around it. If you put that table in the centre of the space, several more people may be able to work there. Swapping desks, rearranging chairs, and moving decorative items around may give you more room.

Switch Workspaces

If you need a few more offices, look at the spaces you’re currently using and see if any of them can be repurposed. For example, if you have a large room dedicated to keeping paper records, your office designer may point out that you could use that space as two offices. You might be able to digitalise those records and save space, paper, and effort in finding records. This would do more than save you space. It would make you more environmentally friendly.

Can You Remove or Add Walls?

When working with a professional from OS Office Interiors, you might talk about removing or adding walls. Your professional liaison will create a 3D computer model that will show you how the interior could be reconstructed to give you much more room than you currently have. This is an area in which you certainly want a professional to look things over. Some of your interior walls can be load-bearing walls, and if they are removed it can lead to structural damage. A professional interior designer knows how to determine load-bearing walls and how a space can be rebuilt to provide more room without damaging the building.

Do You Need All of Your Current Furniture?

This is something else an interior design expert can help you with. He or she can analyse how and where your employees are working to determine if you actually need all of the furniture you have. For example, you may have two conference rooms available for meetings, but about half of your meetings may only involve three employees. In that case, those employees could meet in someone’s office rather than in the conference room. You may not actually need that second room at all.

Other places you may have too much furniture include the break room, the reception area, and your storage area or workroom. You may have too many chairs in the reception area, for example, or your workroom may have a large table when a smaller one may suffice. Switching this furniture around may give you additional space that you can use to grow your business.

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