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Considering a Move to Johor

by John Dillans

Are you considering a move to Johor? Johor is a part of Malaysia and is one of the country’s most developed areas. As such, many expatriates find it to be an ideal place to move to. It’s the southernmost part of Malaysia, located to the south of Pahang and Malacca. It’s also directly north of Singapore and many people think of it as a suburb of that country. If you’re considering a move to this island state, here are a few things to consider.

Where Should You Settle?

Johor is actually made up of a part of the Malaysian peninsula, eight major islands, and a number of other smaller islands. The capital of Johor Bahru is on the peninsula and is home to almost half a million people. It’s the third largest city in Malaysia, and Johor itself is the most populous state in the country. If you’re looking for an active city life, Johor Bahru is the place to live. However, there are many other cities and small towns in Johor. The larger islands have their own unique atmosphere and feel to them, while some of the smaller islands are even more unique.


Johor is home to many people from diverse cultures, creating an interesting blend of people, art, music, and language. The city of Johor Bahru certainly has an international feel to it, thanks to the global companies that have offices there. This means that there are many different languages spoken here, including English. In most stores, restaurants, and other public areas, the people you interact with will know enough English for you to conduct business.

Finding Work

If you’re going to become a permanent resident of Johor, you’re going to want to look for a source of income. Fortunately, Johor careers are abound now and finding work as an expatriate is fairly easy. Johor Bahru is a major manufacturing hub for Malaysia; plus, the city plays a major role in the country’s exports. Jobs in retail and tourism also are fairly easy to find. Many of the manufacturing positions require specific expertise, making it fairly easy to find a position if you have the skills and are qualified. You may also need to have letters of reference or support from local professionals.


The easiest way to find jobs in Johor is to look online. While you’ll find many jobs listed there are located in the larger cities, you may also find some employers who live on the smaller islands advertising for work.

The Environment

Many people who haven’t lived in the same type of climate are shocked when they arrive in Malaysia. Due to its location near the equator, the temperature in Johor is often fairly hot. You can expect to face high amounts of humidity during monsoon season, which lasts from April to October. The other part of the year tends to be fairly dry with only the occasional shower. Most people wear lightweight clothing that helps prevent sunburns and make liberal use of fans and air conditioning.

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